“Hello, my name is Nikki and I’m an art and design graduate…and…” I pause hearing my voice fill the room. My first impulse is to tear my unfinished speech to pieces and scream in desperation. You’d think five years in a university would’ve given me the basics on how to get through the opening of my own exhibition. I let a desperate chuckle escape me.


Orchid Jewelry Nikki Frustrated and looking for a Solution


I give the speech a final look, tell myself I’ll finish it later; and leave my room. I can hear the footsteps below and I know that the moment I meet my parent’s eyes they’ll ask me how it’s going, or worse they’ll know without asking.  

Back to my room it is. I start pacing up and down, looking for signs, for clues of who I am, who I want to be. I can see the pictures of my family and my friends hanging above my bed. In half of them I’m covered in paint and I’ve got a big smile on my face. When did art become so difficult?

I turn to look at the words written on the paper, but I’m still not ready. I give my room another spin looking at all the possible outfits I could wear.

“Hello, I’m Nikki and I’m not sure where to start…” I say while opening a sketchbook. “There must be something in here.” My eyes flit hungrily between the things I’ve drawn. As I glance at each page, pausing at every painting, I realize that all I’ve ever wanted was to show the world how beautiful it is in its simplicity. How sometimes less is more and the meaning behind it all, no matter how plain, is unimaginably vast.



“Hello, I’m Nikki and I see beauty in the simple things, the things I can have with me and around me every day, the things that inspire me…” Like this bracelet I think as I pause and go through my little jewelry box. I waste no time in putting it on. Simplicity really is the essence of beauty.

Just Like Nikki, Orchid Jewelry Embodies the concept of designing jewelry that is Simple and Beautiful. Because we know what simplicity offers and what wonders it can do.